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Game name Tickets Jackpot
MEGA MillionsBuy$223,000,000
Lotto MaxBuy$60,000,000
Classic LottoBuy$25,300,000

Game name Tickets Jackpot
MEGA MillionsBuy$223,000,000
Lotto America$16,580,000
Multi-Win Lotto$55,000

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Our company: Delaware Lottery

A little about us.. We are a mid-sized internet marketing group registered and incorporated in Pensacola, Florida. Our collection of lottery results sites aim to satisfy every lottery winner. Our websites have intentionally kept Our lotto current numbers on top of the advertisements so surfers won?t have to go digging through mounds of ads. Our lotto players simply just want the current lotto results so they can go to bed.

How we want to succeed

Our aim is clear, to gain users appreciation for this service and to be the main lotto result site on the internet for the hordes of lotto players all over the planet. We are trying to gather a group of regular players to Our websites who will help us grow in part by linking to us from their blogs, DIGGing our websites, bookmarking or telling others about Our websites in every other way they feel comfortable with. Increasing the volume to our sites should be beneficial in our quest to keep limited outside marketing.

Information on our lotto numbers

Our lottery daily results are retrieved every 15 min., so you can rest assured that you are getting the winning lottery results as quickly as they are available to our sites. While we believe our results are about 100% right on (our websites have not gotten a single complaint). If you are concerned about Our loto results, we suggest you to confirm with the official state lottery site. We also suggest you keep any non-winner lotto tickets in case of any question in the future.